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e-Commerce Brands
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We're a global team working to build the next generation of e-commerce brands, technology, and digital marketing strategies. Nice to meet you, we're Kleeq.

We believe that when you have the right team, anything is possible. That’s why we’re committed to finding the smartest, most talented people and giving them the resources they need to succeed.

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What Makes Us Different?

We’re Building for the Long-Term, and That Means Doing What’s Right Rather Than What’s Easy


We have a portfolio of ecom brands that we create from scratch. We simply create, manage, and own everything we touch. We do it all from research & development, manufacturing, design, branding, marketing, media, sales, and customer service, for every brand we create. We won’t let anything slow us down, hinder our agility, or tarnish our customer experience, and the best way to do that is to do it ourselves.

Digital Marketing

Our team of motivated and experienced digital marketers run profitable online advertising campaigns, automated email strategies, and more for our internal companies and on a performance basis for 3rd parties.


The Kleeq portfolio of companies includes technology products for e-commerce that were initally designed for internal use. These platforms were made to maximize order value, scale fast, and optimize sales flows. Now, we offer them to other merchants so they can achieve the same value.

E-Commerce Fulfilment & Logistics

Kleeq has its strategic fulfillment and logistics company that supports our evergrowing E-Commerce brand portfolio. Our centrally placed warehouse outside of Atlanta allows us to reach customers quickly and efficiently after purchase.




We are a group of energetic, ambitious, and creative individuals looking to disrupt the e-commerce industry with more talent and personality than it’s ever seen before! You won’t find a more diverse and talented group, and that’s just the way we like it.



Our team is the best reflection of our culture. We don’t believe in cubicles or awkward water cooler conversation-- and we definitely don’t believe in a stale, lack-luster atmosphere. We have a passion for creativity, dedication to innovation and believe that the most powerful tools are combined ideas. We take pride in what we do and genuinely enjoy our work and who we work with! We are a team of over 50+ spread across 7 different countries.


Why Kleeq?

Our in house team allows all of your media to be produced and distributed in full continuity. There is no need to work with multiple agencies when you #gokleeq



Employees get comprehensive health, dental, and vision benefits packages, flexible PTO, continued education, and travel retreat benefits.

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